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At Must Have Maintenance, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We are experts in brush cutting and have been servicing the citizens of Melbourne for over 20 years.

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Proficient brush cutting by qualified experts

Are you unable to mow your lawn because it has become too long? All types of terrain and tenacious brush are no match for our team of professional brush cutters. Whether you need us for residential or commercial grounds management, we will provide you with the best, professional service possible. All you have to do is give us a call to get rid of all unnecessary & unpleasant brush in your yard.

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Our Safe & Reliable Gardening Services Melbourne, Victoria

With friendliness, integrity, and value, we provide a wide variety of gardening services in Melbourne, including green waste removal,
tree pruning, hedge trimming, lawn mowing, flower beds care and many other services for your garden.

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Gardening Services

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Weed Control

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Garden Landscaping

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Garden Planning & Makeover

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In the last 12 months, over


Lawns Mowed

Weeds Pulled

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Trees Pruned

Green Waste Removed

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Why remove long grass and brush?

Bugs often settle in patches of long grass in the yard because of the shelter they provide. Insects like mosquitoes, fleas, and others can spread disease and cause unwanted injury to humans and animals. Additionally, the yard is cramped as a result of the overgrown vegetation. In extreme cases, it can be difficult to even get through the space between them. The aesthetic of the lawn is often ruined by these tall grasses. There is nothing pleasing about the sight of a lawn that hasn't been maintained or is in disarray.

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Different Brush cutting methods

When grass becomes unmanageably long, it's usually because of a severe lack of lawn care and mowing. Our staff has been working in this industry long enough to be prepared for any undesirable result of neglected lawn care, such as overgrown brush and grass. Some options for clearing away overgrowth are as follows: Brush clearing, weeding, and cutting back on overgrown grass and saplings are among the services we offer.

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Affordable Brush Cutting and Trimming Melbourne, Victoria

Since we are experienced gardeners, one of our main specialties is providing garden clearance services. Our garden or grounds strimming and brush-cutting services are designed to clear your way so that you may begin work on any project you would like to carry out on your previously undiscovered land. By using our brush-cutting solutions, we help you uncover land that was previously concealed from view for a reasonable price.

These are some examples of such new land regions:

  • Crop plots
  • Large ground clearance
  • Wild areas of vegetation
  • Tiny green spaces

Fast Response

If you require a full garden maintenance services company that has a quick turn-around, Must Have Maintenance is here for you, responding 24 hours a day, only 30-90 minutes* after your call.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've provided, we'll come back and make any necessary adjustments at no additional cost. Our main task is to make your yard a great place to be in!


Our landscaping and garden services have been used by thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne, with our local professional & accredited crews highly recommended by trade bodies.

Your Yard is in Good Hands! Melbourne, Victoria

Vegetation clearing, also known as brush cutting, is the process of removing bushes, trees, and other forms of overgrowth from a given area. It is possible to regain lost land and bring neglected gardens back under control, clearing the way for construction projects or the demarcation of fields.

The brush cutting & clearing services provided by Must Have Maintenance can assist you in maintaining a pleasant and productive appearing landscape. Whether you need a huge commercial lot or a small home lot cleared, we're up to the task. We're here for you whenever it's most convenient, seven days a week.

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For all of your gardening needs in Melbourne, contact Must Have Maintenance. Hedge trimming, landscaping, tree pruning, and lawn care are just a few of the areas where our trained teams excel. Before beginning any garden upkeep or green garbage disposal, we do a thorough inspection and make detailed plans to guarantee the health of your plants and the cleanliness of your outdoor space. Schedule a consultation with us today, and we'll make your house or business outside appearance look great!

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We Take Care Of Your Garden Worries Quickly

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See What Our Customers Say About Our Garden Maintenance Services

Excellent4.9 Based on 69 reviews from review us onAnon 101Anon 101 ★★★★★ We had our first visit with Must Have Maintenance this week. Wow! What a great experience this has been! Their website was informative, and the live chat option assisted in getting a booking done. The support staff have been very responsive and helpful in organising the booking and following up afterwards as well. We booked for leaf clearing and general weeding. Thanks to the friendly, efficient and hard-working team members who attended, my garden is looking the best! Must have Maintenance sets the bar higher than other gardening companies and clearly takes pride in the standard of the work done and the professionalism of the service they provide. Customer service is top notch, and you actually get to interact with a really nice team of people from the time you book to the completion of the job as requested. Good old fashioned customer service, really nice people, high standards and reasonable prices! Thank you very much ❤️Brigitte StembergarBrigitte Stembergar ★★★★★ What a fantastic crew MHM have!Michael and Beau were punctual, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They were very hard-working and went above and beyond to transform my back area that was overgrown with weeds, by planting large bamboo. It now looks fantastic. So much so - that I'm getting them to do regular maintenance for my garden. I HIGHLY recommend them. Thanks so much.Lara MarshLara Marsh ★★★★★ Very pleased with the work carried out. They transformed my overgrown garden and took care when moving my pots and furniture. They were on time and had great attention to detail. Everything was done in a timely manner. The office staff were friendly and easy to communicate with.Sarah JamiesonSarah Jamieson ★★★★★ Such a great crew who are punctual, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Our yard always looks immaculate after they have visited! Amazing service and couldn’t recommend them more.js_loader

Brush Cutting Services FAQ

What tools do we use to cut heavy brush?

  • Hatchets. We can hack your way through dense brush and shrubs with the help of a nice, sharp axe and a smaller hatchet.
  • Chainsaw. A chainsaw is more efficient than an axe, especially when dealing with larger trees or groups of trees.
  • Brush Mower.
  • Stroppy Brush.
  • Spade.
  • Tools for pruning and trimmers.
  • Rotating Shears.
  • Root Grapple. 
  • Top Clearing Tools.
  • Various Brush-targeted chemicals.

A brush mower is your best chance for clearing up vast areas of thick vegetation. For easily traversed terrain, go with a walk-behind (or "self-propelled") model, while for expansive fields and meadows, opt for a tow-behind (or "brush hog") model.

Will a brush cutter cut small trees?

If you have a tiny garden and a rotary or lawn mower just won't reach the trees, bushes, and weeds, a brush cutter (or brush mower) is the instrument for you.

Which is better 2 stroke or 4 stroke brush cutter?

2-stroke motors are typically more dependable than 4-stroke ones since they have fewer moving parts. When deciding between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine, you should know that the latter is typically more efficient, quieter, and less polluting than the former. Also, currently, four-stroke engines are more expensive.

How can you get rid of a heavy tree and some nearby brush?

A brush mower is the most efficient tool for dealing with any form of vegetation encountered while clearing brush and bushes. Tough tangles of bush and smaller trees are no match for it. Use the brush grubber's teeth to effortlessly extract even the most firmly planted and woody brush from the ground.

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Brush Cutting Gallery

About Must Have Maintenance: Lawn and Garden Maintenance Provider

Founded in 2018, Must Have Maintenance was designed to allow residents to sign up for a trusted, professional, reliable lawn and garden maintenance provider.

From the day we started, we have remained focused on delivering a high-quality offering that meets the needs and requirements of our valued customer base. This commitment to quality has allowed us to become one of Melbourne’s leading lawn and garden maintenance companies.

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