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Looking for a professional and affordable lawn mowing service in Melbourne? That's exactly what we do! We understand that keeping your yard looking neat and tidy can be a daunting task - which is why we offer professional and affordable services to make the process easy for you.

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Why we’re the best in lawn mowing?

Our team of professionals strives to provide our clients with the best possible service. We want you to be happy with your experience, so we offer top-tier lawn mowing services in Melbourne.

Our credo is to be quick, dependable, and effective. This implies that we pay close attention to both the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients, who can count on us to take care of all their lawn care needs. In other words, it's not just what we do but how we do it that sets us apart as professionals. Contact us today for a quote on our lawn mowing services!

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Our Safe & Reliable Gardening Services Melbourne, Victoria

With friendliness, integrity, and value, we provide a wide variety of gardening services in Melbourne, including green waste removal,
tree pruning, hedge trimming, lawn mowing, flower beds care and many other services for your garden.

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Lawn Mowing & Care

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Gardening Services

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Hedge Trimming & Pruning

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Turf Installation

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Weed Control

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Garden Landscaping

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Tree Lopping

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Garden Planning & Makeover

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Green Waste Removal

In the last 12 months, over


Lawns Mowed

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Trees Pruned

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Garden Landscaped

Call us on 1300 687 846 for your quote & friendly advice.

Why Should I Mow My Lawn?

Mowing the lawn is the first step in yard care. If you mow your lawn regularly and carefully, you can encourage the growth of beautiful, healthy grass. Imagine pinching an annual plant or trimming a shrub so that it becomes more compact and produces healthy new growth instead of becoming leggy. It also aids in the eradication of grass-dwelling insects, reducing the likelihood that such insects will damage your lawn.

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How Frequently Should My Lawn Be Mowed?

At Must Have Maintenance, we advise having the grass cut at least once every two weeks. If you mow your lawns more often, the grass won't fully recover from the cuttings. Cutting the grass more infrequently than every two weeks increases the likelihood that it will become overgrown and difficult to manage, as well as vulnerable to pest damage.

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Efficient Lawn Mowing Services Melbourne, Victoria

Lawn care is the cornerstone of an attractive garden or property. Mowing the lawn on a regular basis promotes healthy grass and a neat landscape.

Our goal is to make a regularly performed lawn mowing service simple, affordable and effective. We'll create a lawn care plan that works for you based on your specific needs. In order to receive a no-obligation estimate from the actual experts in lawn care, please contact Must Have Maintenance today.

Fast Response

If you require a full garden maintenance services company that has a quick turn-around, Must Have Maintenance is here for you, responding 24 hours a day, only 30-90 minutes* after your call.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've provided, we'll come back and make any necessary adjustments at no additional cost. Our main task is to make your yard a great place to be in!


Our landscaping and garden services have been used by thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne, with our local professional & accredited crews highly recommended by trade bodies.

Full Lawn Mowing and Grass cutting service Melbourne, Victoria

In order to prevent grass death and disease, it is essential that lawns not be damaged when mowing. In particular, cutting the grass shorter than is appropriate for the type of grass and the season can have disastrous results. Don't trust your lawn care to just anybody. Use our highly trained and experienced mowing professionals instead.

Our comprehensive and adaptable service can meet all your lawn care and grass-cutting needs.

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For all of your gardening needs in Melbourne, contact Must Have Maintenance. Hedge trimming, landscaping, tree pruning, and lawn care are just a few of the areas where our trained teams excel. Before beginning any garden upkeep or green garbage disposal, we do a thorough inspection and make detailed plans to guarantee the health of your plants and the cleanliness of your outdoor space. Schedule a consultation with us today, and we'll make your house or business outside appearance look great!

  • 20+ Years of experience in the field

  • Affordable rates for High-Quality Services

  • Highly Experienced Team of Gardeners

  • Accredited, Trusted and Insured

We Take Care Of Your Garden Worries Quickly

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See What Our Customers Say About Our Garden Maintenance Services

Excellent4.9 Based on 69 reviews from review us onOugustus EdirisingheOugustus Edirisinghe ★★★★★ Simply you can’t go wrongGreat experienceGOATHOUSEAnon 101Anon 101 ★★★★★ We had our first visit with Must Have Maintenance this week. Wow! What a great experience this has been! Their website was informative, and the live chat option assisted in getting a booking done. The support staff have been very responsive and helpful in organising the booking and following up afterwards as well. We booked for leaf clearing and general weeding. Thanks to the friendly, efficient and hard-working team members who attended, my garden is looking the best! Must have Maintenance sets the bar higher than other gardening companies and clearly takes pride in the standard of the work done and the professionalism of the service they provide. Customer service is top notch, and you actually get to interact with a really nice team of people from the time you book to the completion of the job as requested. Good old fashioned customer service, really nice people, high standards and reasonable prices! Thank you very much ❤️Brigitte StembergarBrigitte Stembergar ★★★★★ What a fantastic crew MHM have!Michael and Beau were punctual, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They were very hard-working and went above and beyond to transform my back area that was overgrown with weeds, by planting large bamboo. It now looks fantastic. So much so - that I'm getting them to do regular maintenance for my garden. I HIGHLY recommend them. Thanks so much.Lara MarshLara Marsh ★★★★★ Very pleased with the work carried out. They transformed my overgrown garden and took care when moving my pots and furniture. They were on time and had great attention to detail. Everything was done in a timely manner. The office staff were friendly and easy to communicate with.js_loader

Lawn Mowing & Garden Care FAQ

How do I make my grass thicker and greener?

  • Elevate the quality of your soil. Grass care experts all agree that testing your soil is the first step to a healthier, more robust lawn.
  • Overseed. To thicken up a thin lawn or prevent it from growing thin in the first place, you can overseed it with new grass seed.
  • Strengthen Your Grass by fertilization.
  • Irrigate the lawn regularly.
  • Maintain an appropriate mowing height.
  • Efforts to Curb Weed Growth.

When should I fertilize my lawn?

Maintaining a lawn requires constant care and attention, and fertilizing is a crucial component of that. We recommend doing this twice yearly, once in the fall to fortify it through the winter and once in the spring to jumpstart growth and see you through the summer.

Is it better to keep grass long or short in summer?

In the sweltering summer, letting the grass grow a little longer is beneficial. The deeper-reaching roots prevent weeds from sprouting and competing for water. The denser turf also has a lower water need.

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About Must Have Maintenance: Lawn and Garden Maintenance Provider

Founded in 2018, Must Have Maintenance was designed to allow residents to sign up for a trusted, professional, reliable lawn and garden maintenance provider.

From the day we started, we have remained focused on delivering a high-quality offering that meets the needs and requirements of our valued customer base. This commitment to quality has allowed us to become one of Melbourne’s leading lawn and garden maintenance companies.

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